Monday, February 22, 2010

Lessons from the Idiots

Of late, Hindi movies have walked towards maturity. 3-Idiots and My Name Is Khan like commercial works find place in the market. The popularity of these movies compels the other commercial producers to do something like. It is observed that the test of the Indian cinema lovers is undergoing change, thanks to the worthless sex and violence based Hindi movies.
Cinema is a strong media for social change. So far Indian film industry, except a few notable films, denied its positive role in building a healthy society. The spurious capital that had so far no place in the recognised economic activities invested in films to get quicker return. The mafia and substandard elements have been operating the Hindi film industry one way or other. Hence, propagation of values and virtues in their produced films are unexpected. The government investment in making good films through good makers is also insignificant. Yet those third or fourth graded Hindi films have so far been able to implement a strong agenda of propagation of Hindi language throughout the country, what political and linguistic opposition failed to resist imposition of Hindi on non-Hindi belt of the country.
With the onset of globalisation, the present generation has to find their future in an interconnected and interdependent world based on English Language where Hindi has lost all its relevance. Secondly, with the availability of satellite channels, English movies with all its technical up-gradations have given birth to a new generation with a new tests of cinema. Traditional Hindi movies now find little place to sustain in the present environment unless they change their way of making films.
The captains of the Hindi film industry considering the future of the industry as bleak has been experimenting investment in thought provoking films based on reality. And their efforts are largely successful with films like Lagan, 3-Idiot, My Name is Khan or Slum Dog Millionaire etc. With the wind of success in Hindi film of new era, the regional film makers in Indian states will also follow the line. A good days ahead indeed!

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