Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Love That Never Ends

I'm blessed with a very good wife in my life. She has love and respect for me. She has not only presented two kids but also decorated my home with all her heart. Her contribution not only in terms of money but in terms of everything has filled my life what in one life time one can not expect. Her good deeds override her mistakes. I'm really fortunate to get her.
But I don't think I could make her happy. I tried my level best to do my duty towards her whenever situation occurred. Many a time, I with the blessing of God tried to rescue her from many threats of life occurred from serious illness. You may term it a simple duty towards an ailing wife. I agree. I recall in one occasion when I was sick it was none other than she despite her illness paid a regular visit to the hospital.
Her patience to tolerate any wrong doing on my part is noteworthy. I know she only blames her fate for choosing me as life time partner. I blame myself why I did injustice to her. Sometime I tried to expose my false pride of possessing vast knowledge in any dispute in order to undermine her. But she bears with the things and maintains solitude. She only breaks while she finds allegation of breaking the bond of love between me and she. But the allegation hardly comes true. But it is able to confuse our relationship.
There are witches and ghosts surrounding us those who always tried to damage our family making me as a soft target. In my youth, I remained extreme emotional and moved things without considering consequence. On my way, I got many who pretended to be my friends, but ultimately tried to poison me with only motif of breaking my family. With the grace of God, I was able to get rescued myself and restored my family peace. The evil force is still active. They will never be able to fulfill their evil desires. The force of resistance in me is more stronger than they.

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