Friday, June 11, 2010

The Barbarians

The barbarians in the Aryan sect who ruled during Brahman Tantra under the Hindu Raj in the ancient India butchered peace loving Buddhists in millions. Many Buddhist temples were demolished, many of the oppressed people were forced to leave their soil. The barbarians were largely successful in combating spread of Buddhism on Indian soil and unleashing a sense of terror. But they failed to resist its expansion in other Asian countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, Lous, Cambodia, Thailand etc similar to that of the period of Asoka where Buddhism became the state religion. It was only the Buddhist emperor Asoka who was earlier converted from Hinduism effectively and peacefully ruled India for many years. He developed a sense of national integration and good governance across the country. As a mark of respect, the Independent India puts Asoka Chakra as a national emblem. Indian foreign policy is primarily guided by the Pancha Shil ( five cardinal principles) of Buddha. Buddhists are now constitutionally treated as a  minority community. 

But power greedy barbarians subsequently fought each other which paved the way for Muslim invaders to invade India and rule for thousand years. The invaders made the Hindus marginalised. In the name concurring Hindu kingdoms one after another, Muslim barbarians massacred Hindus in millions. Their places of worships, cultures were demolished and converted Hindus by force or other tactics. Here the barbarians were defeated by more dangerous barbarians and established its solid base with expansion of Islam in Indian subcontinent.

With the erosion of Mughals, European barbarians invaded India and expanded Christianity in the country. In order to establish its colony, the English barbarians massacred Hindus and Sikhs also in millions. Muslims were largely untouched rather pampered subsequently that ultimately engineered the partition of India.

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