Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lovely Kabir

My friend is untraceable. He lives near hills and forest. He has perhaps gone off the plains. Imagine, he is now wandering undressed and lost in the dense forest. Certainly he is yet to meet any man eater and busy in talking to the wild birds, trees and deers in his melodious tone. Songs he so far sang for us were in perfect scale within certain grammatical limits. The nature does not at all care for all these scales or grammar. It only responds to a voice of the heart. Is he doing that?

Well! Adam is there, but where is any Eve? As a scientist of Botany, he is aware which plant is poisonous or sweety. So, there is no worry that he'll allow Eve to commit mistake and perish what happened in Old Testament. Therefore, I believe my friend will come out of his solitude shortly. I'll wait outside the Jungle with a carry bag containing therein a 3-piece dress but with a chappal (foot-slipper) considering his state of the foot. May God bless him! 

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