Thursday, June 17, 2010

Replying Mohit

I do agree that every religious sect has its right to protect its community and must be prepared to meet any eventuality as we see RSS does it in India. The secular India has observed its brutal force in Bhagalpur and Gujarat. Hindus are not really cattle in majority part of the country except Bengal. That's the cause why Muslim fanatics in the form of Taliban/Alquida/SIMI/Hizbul/IM are indulging in minority terrorism in India. Since RSS/BJP proved to be failure as a savior of Hindus despite concurring political power in the states and Centre, majority Hindu votes switched over to the  Congress pockets in two successive elections. They are in competition with Congress/UPA in appeasing Muslim terror (political) outfits in one way or other in order to win votes what congress did in Andhra in allying secretly with Maoists. No one is true patriot. They only follow 'kamao aur khao'. No one expects them to deliver positives for Hindus/Muslims/Christians or Sikhs etc.

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