Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Pakistan Connection

The Blame game continues between Pakistan and India. Its I heard an army dictator in exile complained that Pakistan was taking revenge of war defeat in Bangladesh in seventies by making trouble in Jammu & Kashmir. In a TV debate he blamed Indira Gandhi for dividing Pakistan by a war in the former East Pakistan now Bangladesh. He cited example why India did not intervene in Sri Lanka when Sri Lankan army bulldogged Tamil Tigers and killed their leader Pirvakaran was said to be the internal matter of a sovereign state. In case of Pakistan, Indian stand was different. The former prince of Kashmir Dr. Karan Singh lamented things would have been different had the issue not been referred to UN by Nehru or demanded for plebiscite in J & K.
To my view, both are partially true. First, liberation movement of a nation can not be exported what India fought for two hundred years and gained independence whatsoever. Such movement has to be fought indigenously with the external support, but not allowing army of other nations to liberate. Che Guevara’s venture in liberating Bolivia grossly failed. LTTE initially failed with Indian Peace Keeping Force and launched its own struggle though defeated miserably in the hands of mighty Lankan army. The insurgents made ruling party in India non supportive and arrogant for their grave mistake of killing a former Indian Prime Minister. The chauvinism or a fight for a minority nationalism devoid of Marxism, socialism or principles of people’s democracy can not last long. One can conclude that Tigers fought hard for the Tamil nationals to accept the defeat.
The question of religions of Tamils in Jaffana peninsula was not an issue. So, qualitatively, struggles of Tigers could not be equated with Islamist hot heads in Kashmir. Here, Musharaf’s argument is back fired. Neither the Liberation of Kashmir is made possible with the export of insurgency from Pakistan nor by driving out the Hindu minority from Kashmir valley and looting of their property. The true has established all the time. Recent fight between Islamist and non Islamist people of Sudan is advanced to create another theocratic state of North Sudan with Islam as a state religion. In fact, civilization and progress is halted in front of Islamist believers around the world. Nothing can be compared with these primitive sects.

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