Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Politics of Convenience

Its like your wife. You took everything from her. You created your generation, good or bad whatever. You made a home for comfort. You used every breath of her and everything. She loved and trusted you. She adhered to whatever you desired for years. She never questioned you even the voting symbol she voted for in the election after election. She mortgaged her conscience to you. She tolerated everything except insult of her soul. You blamed her of adultery and threw her out once she stopped supporting your wrongs.

Its after 34 years, people of West Bengal voted against a Marxist party to dislodge from the state power. The party despite rejection by the people failed to learn lessons and corrected its way of actions. The deadly disease called cancer has infected its entire body and nothing can cure its now. It is only counting days to be destroyed by storm.    

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