Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trekking a lifeless life

Trekker, a hood less four wheeler, slowly ply on the roads of rural India. Its a cheaper variety for transportation of the underclass. Pedestrians come from the opposite direction of the road find only two faces of trekker's light. The rest of its body is unseen as it is overcrowded all the time. Once passengers can head way inside the car, they would suffocate due to toxic gas to come out of  Bidi, a country made tobacco stick and Chullu, a brand of country liquor. But they are habituated and don't complain. Some people cherished its riding. Some glorify travelling by a trekker and loves  to smell toxic gas regularly. On the countrary, the motor bike to cost one fifth of the trekker. Its  a cheaper variety for transportation of the underclass. Riding with a biker is breathing fresh air as any body's experience provided one can control its speed. Now choice of the passengers do matter as to what option they should like to avail. The same story is told in case of the married couple.     

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