Friday, July 23, 2010

Mortgaging Conscience

I was, no my home was mortgaged to the moneylender. I had to wait for 20 years to release it from the lender after repaying money with interest. I feel my home, no myself is now free and the home where we breath together now fully belongs to us. We are happy that we shall no more live in fear. I can claim now there is my home situated on the earth and on a land called India, my country.

Yet I'm indebted to my country, the mother India has gifted my life and living. I will never be able to repay the debt. But am I really grateful to my mother? My mother is mortgaged to International Monetary Fund, World Bank and their mentors in Wall Street and their stooges in Mumbai and Delhi. Am I at all concerned and active in releasing my mother from the foreign moneylenders? Every Indian lives in his or her homeland with a foreign debt of  Rs.10,000/-, if not more. The internal and foreign debt is getting manifold increase in billions or trillions of dollars every year, the money perhaps will not be repaid in the near future. The debt burden has reached to an alarming proportion that has paved the way for lords and ladies of imperialism to cause frequent visits to our land to guide our managers to act in accordance with the desires of their masters. The Indian God smiles!

My personal home may now be free from mortgage but the conscience of my country is mortgaged. Only God can make all of us free.

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