Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Comments of Dr Scion Sarma on Indian National Congress

It is a pity that while Bengal had produced several statesmen before Independence, today, there is not a single Bengali behind whom ten people can assemble to take the country forward. The only person, who could have steered the country to a greater heights, in my opinion, was Siddhartha Shankar . Jay Prakash Narain had bred indiscipline in every sphere of life in the name of civil disobedience of Gandhi style, and the Emergency devised by Siddhartha had overnight transformed the country into a powerhouse of energy in every sphere. Unfortunately, Indira Gandhi, and her second son created such excesses that the whole idea collapsed. Rajas and Kalmaddis could not have been born if Siddhartha had leadership supported by Emergency. That is my individual opinion.

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