Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bengal To Breath Fresh Air

Thirteenth May Change (TMC) as some people love to call it now. What a wonderful match for Trina Mul Congress Party that is slated to dislodge the ruling Marxist Communists (CPIM) from the state of West Bengal after 34 years of unstinted enjoyment of state power and privileges. The change comes relying on its supremo Kumari Mamata Bannerjee who rose to the political height during my youth. 

My first meeting with the lady in 1984 was not pleasant. I sought her help in extending support to a section of unorganized workers and handed over a memorandum signed by a few hundred workers of her own parliamentary constituency. The workers were then bulldozed by a combine of owners and CPIM party cadres. She took the signed papers and assured nothing. Never ever she recalled those suffering workers. The next election she fought and won from the neighboring constituency and became a Union Minister. Her chariot never stopped and moved onwards until she made a situation to unseat the ruling CPIM. 

I was simply charmed with her so simple personal life style  which was not visible in case of the so-called communists ruled the state for decades. I paid respect to her devotion, honesty and simplicity. She was the real example of underclass that challenged the authoritarian rule and endangered her personal life many a time. With the grace of God and good wishes of the people she survived.  

Mamata proved that nothing was impossible to achieve on the Earth provided one fixed the target and fought to the last.  Already she proved herself to be an efficient administrator being the country’s Rail Minister. Her success as a Chief Minister of West Bengal will speak for itself. People in this part of the globe may find some fresh air to breath for some years after she takes over charges.

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