Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Media Mediocracy

The paper tiger roars in different voice only to record its presence in the human society knowing fully well that no one would be afraid of. The media maharaja of Calcutta and its lobby are sidelined indeed. They do not cause much affect  over the vote bank of the present rulers and to shift support base to the defeated communist lords. There are lot of alternative source of information in media services available in a liberalized environment in the society. People has learnt not to depend upon one sided information passed by a section in media and cross check it through other alternatives. 

The initial effort of Mamata led state government to create environment that would reduce dependence on the corporate recharged media houses has been faced with stiff opposition from the established media baron in Bengal. The effort is largely successful. Thus the news on Mamata government's failure to protect women from the rapists, police harassment to professors, CPM cadres , university students, farmers with Maoist brand etc. failed to whip up en-mass uprising against the one and half year old state government. Because, these are issues that do not attach so much importance in a poverty stricken rural Bengal. People are more concerned over non performance of the promised developmental activities include bread, butter and shelter for the millions and billions living below the poverty line. The people here is now experiencing that a government and its ministers have become accountable to their master under a tough financial condition. An all round efforts for earning trust of the voters are visible everywhere which were absent under a political regimentation of the Bengal brand of communist rule for decades. Undoubtedly, the new government is using torn shoes left by the previous regime. The administrative system built with massive infiltration of party cadres and sympathizers over the decades has been made insensitive and corrupt. So, nothing magical change is expected unless the whole system is overhauled and root out those anti-people elements from the system in order to ensuring a good governance to upheld human rights for all squares of the Bengali lives. 

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