Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Game Indeed !

Recently a consumer affairs minister of the state government in Calcutta remarked in a traders' meet that he didn't find reason in opposing entry of American retail giants include Walmart into Indian market while Chinese substandard retail commodities were already flooded in Indian retail market. With this remark, he welcomed modern management technology and tools in retail outlets in Indian commodity markets. Organised retail chains are already in existence through Metro Cash & Curry (a German wholesale retail outlet) and many others by Indian monopoly corporates. Right from mobile phones to clothes, foreign commodities are being sold in competition with Indian goods in peaceful coexistence. The party in power in the city objects entry of FDI in retail chains but welcomed in infrastructure sector like electricity, highways etc. etc.Yet the main concern is to oppose reduction of subsidy in LPG that really hit hard to the common men. The LPG issue is not totally settled by leadership at 10 Janpath Road, New Delhi that exposed in raising demand by a central food minister against the move of the center. To the office of the PM, the principal issue is FDI in retail chain to settle which is why a clever game is played by putting both FDI and LPF/ diesel price hike in the same card. If one is forced to compromise, the other will be sorted out for acceptance under pressure. Perhaps, the straight game would have backfired. A good game indeed !

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