Friday, July 27, 2012


As a responsible Indian, one can not close his eyes to what has been going on at juntur muntur park in Delhi by Team Anna men and women against alleged corruption in high and low places.They claimed to have possessed documents and evidences against 15 union ministers including Dr. Singh and Mr. Mukherjee or xyz. The principle accused holding the chairs of the country's top managers and corrupt parliamentarians have elected them. So the medicine for the decease is a strong Lokpal what has not so far been achieved despite Fasting or Fasting unto death staged by the activists. This is a sustained struggle received wide media publicity. But the fights waged by a few of my colleagues in our workplace against corrupt officials making money out of abuse of official powers have largely gone unnoticed. 
One such young staffer hails from Himachal Pradesh having brilliant academic background has been fighting a lone battle against one of its highly corrupt colleagues despite pressure launched by that guy's influential mates. His fight whether he wins or otherwise shall remain largely unknown alongside Team Anna. When I raised voice found those microscopic corrupt force gone underground and the culprit surrendered to my friend to avert punishment and finding illicit means to win over my friend. I believe my colleague is not a salable commodity.  

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