Monday, July 23, 2012

The Love That Reunited

A 70 old former Indian diplomat has married yesterday to one 59 years old divorcee -  The Statesman informed me today with a morning cup of tea. They started to live together happily with the gentleman's only daughter.The report may be read in between the lines that the lady married to one pilot and settled in Canada leaving his fiancee unmarried for 20 years in India. The gentleman patiently waited almost his entire life and did not turn up to other ladies. After 20 years, the reunion took place in the form of a sweet marriage in a simple manner in Delhi. 

What transpires from the report that ladies often become indecisive in matter of love and fall in trap of immediate gains to be apparently happy. In the process, they neither can make their present lives happy nor they can forget their past and hence unhappiness prevails throughout prime time of their lives. They often attempt to turn back when their present becomes intolerable and passionately desires to go back to the lives they left as half destroyed. Most fails to translate the old age passion into reality, except the lady like Archana Mohan. God bless them.

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