Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Isolated Maoists

The enemy's enemy is the friend. The war strategy has so long been followed among the warriors - the Maoists are no separated lot. They also follow the same strategy for ages in India in order to ensuring organisational growth in the states of the country. Sometime they render tacit support for Congress or sometime for non-Congress political outfits to ensure their survival in the political map of the country.

Bengal's case has now backfired. Once friend becomes foe. The orthodox strategy failed to yield result this time; it rather becomes counter productive. Bengal new ruling party is not agreeable to allow the Maoists to continue their killing spree in the name of annihilation of the class enemies.   

The Maoists brand of armed political outfit adopted line for political uprising through protracted armed struggle with the participation of armed squads in Chinese way. They remain ardent followers of the erstwhile Chinese political supremo who is dead. But his overseas strategy to create disturbance in India religiously followed by his successors despite difference on domestic political and economical strategy in China. 

The poorest of the poor in districts of western plateau in West Bengal have of late recognised narrow politics of selling poverty of Tribal people. They realised that they have also equal right to live like human. They require roads, drinking water, food, jobs and other essentials what politics of extremism so far denied them.

With the emergence of new leadership in Kolkata, the people of all walks in the Bengali or Tribal society eagerly waits for something positive to happen for development cause. The people are not in a position to fall in trap of negative and destructive politics for so called Maoism or anything else. The very recent rejection of the Maoists strike call by the local people is evident. Let the troubleshooters take rest for some years. Its now turn for the great masses of the people. So, bye bye Maoists.  

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