Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Venezuela has seen a new dawn with the victory of its popular leader to the post of President of the country. The election has never been rigged and no unfair means were necessitated by the ruling party to win the election. It was a popular mandate against American imperialism and its stooges. The ruling left in that country never encouraged entry of Walmart like retail giant or any other MNCs dealing frauds in the name of Insurance and others. Yet the oil reached nation has able to resist the greedy American oil lobby and never allowed the country to become Kuwait or Iraq. Venezuela is not a safe destination for the US marines or NATO operatives. The country is waging a lone battle in a multi polar world divided over looting wealth of the poor nations and in absence of any socialist block of nations. Its now the first sun of the oppressed people to rise from the hill tops of Venezuela.

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sekharroyindia said...

Yesterday I heard from the media that some youths in Venezuela have shown their anger for rigging for president's election.If it is true, I must reconsider my stand on chavez. From the recent history in West Bengal we observed how a valueless dishonest communists socialists combined were defeated by a democratic party.So, chavez may find the same fate in future if he adopted the practice of adlof hitler rejected by the world forever.