Thursday, December 6, 2012

Driving Towards A Sea Beach

Man proposes God disposes! What was thought of is not being done. Driving 250 km from my city of Calcutta to a sea beach named Digha by own car should have a pleasant journey. But road condition coupled with unforeseen risk may make the driving a bitter one; hence it was rightly advised by my well wishers and friends who suggested to board an express AC train. Accepted. I'll proceed tomorrow for a weekend leisure.
Its now winter in Bengal. Seasonal flowers started to blossom. Sea water looks calm and chill sun shine makes the tourists feel comfort. What is disturbing in walking through the sea beach is dirt and filth remain here and there much to the dismay of the walkers. Yet sitting on the beach and chatting with your better heart and a smiley child along with sea fish fry on a shiny day is a something different feeling. But you will feel sad  of other half of your heart if your elder boy feels uncomfort in the dwelling home. 

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