Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The 26/11 Mumbai Carnage has put forwarded many questions whether our government was so afraid of two ungrateful countries namely Bangladesh and Pakistan. If not, why they were hesitating to an all out attack including military option. Other say, was there any government at all to protect the interest of its citizens? Why the country will remain soft on the question of infiltration into our sacred land by the enemies? How long appeasement politics at the cost of our country will continue? Why not there will be a national government at least for 5 years to deal some burning problems? Why enemies will find place in disunity of our democratic political parties? Why not enemies mixed with our people shall be identified and eliminated in national interest? Why they will not be driven out of our land? Why patriotic Indians will be rated at per with those enemy infiltrators and Muslim fanatics? Why there will not be a national understanding in all major issue?

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