Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Its been nice to see angel to walk together with its guy. Its my angel my daughter knows only to cry and blame its own fate what I’m unable to accept. Yes, its not me who gave birth to this girl child but has fathered it. The heaven seems closure with its arrival. Its Ma Bhagwati the mother of earth has come down to settle in and make my home happy. I simply surprised with the limit of tolerance she inherited in condoning many wrong doings of its guy. Her patience in putting its guy in right track in order to make his life meaningful is simply noteworthy. I feel it my obligation that my sweet daughter lives a peaceful life wherever she resides and whoever she chooses to sharing her life. I along with my family prayed to our Guru Mataji to shower her blessing on the couple which is yet to build their nest for a peaceful and prosperous conjugal life.

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