Thursday, February 24, 2011


What has been done can not be undone. It was rabbit preferred to sleep comfortably thinking that the tortoise will never be able reach the destination and the rabbit will get up and make up the gap by its speed. But it awoke and found the tortoise already reached the destination and accepted the defeat to the slow but steady animal.

Our respected Prime Minister of India is now on back foot. He had to accede to the demand for JPC after clearance from the Congress think-tank. Better late than never. In doing so, the ruling UPA accepted prima-facie the legitimacy of the demand of the opposition for Joint Parliamentary Probe against corruption in high places. The probe is expected to cover both NDA and UPA regimes and to come out with valid recommendations and directions to root out the corruption and dishonest practices by misusing executive powers.

It would, however, be disgusting if the opposition attempts to use the platform of JPC only to insult a gentleman like Dr. Monmohan Singh in order to meet its political interest leaving the major issues to include fixing of responsibility of the real culprits and thieves. The JPC should come out with the recommendations of exemplary punishments.

It is agreed if any wrong committed by any member of a family, the father can not escape moral responsibility despite his personal honesty. Yet no sensible person can award punishment to the father just because he is the head of the family. If he becomes the major focus or is crucified it would tantamount to suppress the guilt of the real culprits. I hope the parties achieved JPC will not send wrong message to the citizens of this country.

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