Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am sorry to say that Dr Singh should now say goodbye to the chair of the prime minister of India and return to the class room to the benefit of the students. Let him live as a teacher till his last breath. India is a dangerous country where even the prime minister is disobeyed. In each scam, it is found that vested interest gets free pass to make money despite the country's security and sovereignty is threatened. It seems that the country is not run by one powerful man like prime minister. There are several power blocks those who can do or undo many things. Dr Singh is a blessing to the country. But he is not able to set things in order despite his honesty and disapproval to many wrongs like 2G spectrum or S-Band outsourcing controversy. Other people are making huge money in illegal way, but the prime minister is being blamed. There are ghosts in the oil seeds. Either he  makes those people accountable and initiate exemplary action to deter those intend to make similar activities and earn confidence of his fans or he should organise his farewell party.

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