Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dr Sen out of Prison

The observation of Supreme Court division bench indicated Binayak Sen was neither a Maoist nor a traitor of the nation. The trial court was asked to release him on bail which has been complied but on certain unfair condition of depositing his passport and not leaving the country etc. It seems the spirit of the Apex Court observation was not taken in a spirit that should have been. The highest court's order proved that Dr Sen, a medical practitioner who rendered free service to the poorest of the poor, was wrongly put behind bar. The judgement for life imprisonment passed by Chattisgarh High Court based on police documents leaves many reasonable doubts. But Binayak by this time spent 4 years in confinement which will never come back to his family life. Yet he has to run from pillar to post for acquittal from the fake charges labelled against him. In causing suffering to the great soul of the country by the state judiciary and local police, an opposition political outfit called BJP has already damaged its creditability at the national level. Their credibility will be at stake if they continue to behave arrogant over role of the NGOs in tribal dominated rural India. Their hot head policy in opposing Maoists will be counter productive. Still they are reluctant to reverse their policy in the matter as because, I think, this party prefers to sit in the opposition bench all the time to come, thanks to the beneficiary ruling the nation presently.

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