Saturday, July 23, 2011


"A simple question that haunts me a lot and perplex me all the time in my leisure. Is it the savage instinct that leads to kill a person or an animal only for the flesh or fest? I tried hard to understand the supreme value and enormous dignity of BLOOD, or it is an ordinary liquid connective tissue like skin and bones that works physiologically. To find the question, certain creative and pertinent questions come to my mind one after another? For an example, harmless deer is killed by the mighty tiger or lion everyday. The flesh of the deer wards off the hunger of the tigers. The theories are simple here as the survival of the fittest and mighty food chains. But in human society where the relation between a man and its genetic cousin is not like the predator and prey. In the jungle, might is the right but in human society, everything is possible and justified! Killing a man or men and hush up all evidences or documents is fair to the law enforcing agency. But in the light of humanity it is a crime. Then what is the fundamental difference between a man and an animal? Although man is also an animal (social).

However Man, who only can judge in the ultimate sense. Now come to the thousand dollar question. Question is why not a hang man or a terminal executioner is a killer in terms of the law? A man who killed a man is called a killer and also having all the proofs, evidences and documents of committing a homicide in cold blood, is not a killer. Often in a war field where a soldier kills his fellow army man of the opposite side. Who the man to give a death sentence or the directives to kill a man of this kind? Is it the verdict of the God, the nation, the government or the judiciary or bureaucratic system of the mankind? There is no respect and dignity for the supreme liquid and a beautiful gift of God called lives .

Similarly, for the reason of your ‘self-defence’, you could kill or perish a man, is not a killing? Even under the pretext of saving your own life. A killing is a killing whether it is an abatement of suicide, homicide, genocide or a judicial killing.

When you can’t create a life, then who has given you the right to kill a man. A death is for what? For the sake of the Holy Grail, we all have to preserve blood, honour blood; otherwise no one can survive and escape on the Judgment day. Lets pray to God for a decent life and a graceful death."

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