Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Success

Its me my dear the defeated one who was not chosen to rule a small assembly of workforce called a trade union. The winner was no one but the guy who was baptized by me in union affairs. In the fag end of the service carrier, lot of experience I faced during election. The people who came in open support and those who opposed with dirty weapons of personification. Character assassination, filthy utterances stole the show. Interestingly, I was branded a militant like dangerous fellow who disliked by women, a rough and tough guy, a liar and what not. In fact, many of these words I heard about our office boss while I was their close associate in that union group. Suppose the adjectives were true, I should not regret considering the winners found the office boss like 'qualities' in me. What an irony! A personal friend of mine viewed me a stupid why I compromised my dignity with an union affair, why I left myself to be judged by a bunch of substandard elements in the name of election. I said I enjoyed it. Its my philosophy to put myself sometime to test in the society of human species with whom I live. In doing so no one dies. But you are able to count the percentage of liking and disliking. In the game, I found less than half of the colleagues chosen me to be their friend. So why should one regret? One must have the courage to face the life and the reality. There was a little taker of my anti corruption views, liability to pay back to the organisation that feeds us everyday, the working efficiency, the decency and decorum in work culture. I dont regret for my defeat in the hands of those who do not believe in these cardinal principles. Yet the fight must go on for progress of the human civilization without expecting for a favourable result.

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