Sunday, October 27, 2013

Patna Serial Bombings and Shri Modi

Its a matter of concern that miscreants caused serial bombings in Patna Gandhi Nagar Rally of Shri Narendra Modi for BJP. Accusation and counter accusation will go on. But things are moving in different directions as I feel. I don't think BJP itself has done the deadly attack in which couple of people killed. Because wherever Shri Modi is moving people's gathering is seen in thousands and lakhs means he has become a popular political face in the country. With Shri Modi's revival, BJP has started gaining ground and is expecting a good position in 2014 general election. But his opponents are certainly worried to watch his prospect. If the impression can be created that Shri Modi is seen as an enemy of Islam by Indian Mujahiddin backed by Laskar-e-Toiba or Al Quida, the Muslim votes is expected to be swinged in favour of the opposition, more particularly at a time when self styled spokespersons include Shahi Imaams have not yet unmasked themselves. So, let the innocent lives are lost in the conspiracy. If my doubt proves to be true, its very dangerous situation the country may experience in the near future. Remember, there is no true Gandhian in ruling or opposition party. So violence or counter violence has become the order of our national life what exactly our enemies across the border would cherish to fish in the troubled water.

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