Thursday, November 7, 2013

Savitri Prashad Sing - an IT professional of Bangalore has propagated the following hate speech through social media.

Muzlims (islamist the terrorist) Propaganda in different country:--
1. When they are below 5% (China , Canada, Koria,Japan , Brazil etc.) , they tells ,’’religion never tell us to make violence, we are brother’’…..
2. When they are between 5-15% (Australia, USA,UK etc), they tell,’’ Sharia law dominating that country, they starts some terrorist activity at there, they blame ruling government is cruel for minor Muzlim’s.
3. When they are between 15-20-25%[India(16.5%),Singapore(25%),Verma(18%) etc.] , they tell,’’ We want our leader as a PM candidate , 100% reservation in government, Sharia (the terrorist law) for that country and always indulge in terrorist activity as they are College professors , School Teacher any one. If you tell about them ,then they blame on you that you are terrorist. Islam never teaches them about terrorism.
4. When they are about 25-40%( I am unable to tell which country because still that country become fully Muzlim’s country like Indonesia, Malaysia before 100 years),they tell,’’ They told,’’ Allah told them kill Kaphirs’’ . So it is our religious duty to kill all ‘’’’NON MUSLIM’’’’ ,’’RAPE THEIR WIFE, DAUGHTER, MOTHER ‘’ they submitted in front of you . If they become Muzlim then leave them
5. When they are above 50% (South part of Russia, West and East part of India at 1947 etc), They never tell anything ,they start their religious duty of killing , rape, I am unable to tell their cruelty.
6. And at last when Muzlim the terrorist country becomes on the Map of World ,’’They make their country as RDX factory(sorry they buy RDX because Quran never tell them to allow their mind) , Terrorist training camp. You give equality them in your country but they kill you in their country, give very very difficult life to non muslim, Kill your son, Kidnap you daughter and rape her , forcefully convert her to become Muzlims. 

So, Friends how much % of ''Muzlims the terrorist '' you like in your country.............

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