Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Communal India !

I would like to share my concern over developments in todays Indian politics. At this end of my service carrier I am watching with pains that my country called India or Bharat is walking back towards middle age. In Parliament election after 65 years of our socalled independence, a self styled shahi imam of jama masjid in Delhi has given Fatwa to Indian Muslim citizens to vote for Congress party in states other than West Bengal where Trinamul party be voted enmass. In this election mired by hatred and venom, viswa Hindu parishad is no lagging behind. Its spokesman Togharia and his colleague Giriraj countered and called upon Hindus for 100% vote to Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). The enemies of BJP are to be treated as enemies of Bharat. The fanatics went on spraying venom, "those anti national Muslims should leave Pakistan if they do not vote for BJP." Communal vote politics is countered by ugly communal design. Can this be an answer to the misdeeds committed over the years by crony capitalism backed by multinational and transnational companies to loot India and rob its soverignity with a view to degrading its economy and people? No. The psudeo boxing is being waged between two sets of stooges ruining the nation decades after decades to fool the citizens of all sects and to exploit and misuse government machineries to protect corrupt, blackmarketears, robbers and rapists. They are out to devide the country on communal lines and disunite the nation to rule at its discretion. The much talked about secularism (psudeo or true), democracy, socialism etc is likely to rest in pages of dialogue book. Yet there are people in our country those are able to unmask these culprits and waging a long drawn battle against these enemies of the people. Lets wait for the judgement day. 

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