Saturday, January 2, 2016

The days of superannuation I am contemplating to pass

Its only 8 more months remain to bid farewell to the job I am assigned to. A big part of my life is associated to the organization that has paid me wages in exchange of undertaking daily duty that I will be missing in the days to come. But I am eagerly waiting to see the day I will be given a see off on the main entrance of the office that shall never see me again rushing in the early morning to record my presence. I shall leave memories behind its door.

Some friends and associates are found interested to know my next job and are rather found concerned whether a talent of my kind should be re-utilized to earn something more in addition to what pension benefits I am expected to accrue for the service rendered already. listening to the admiration my smiley face goes brighten. I endorse them with a shoulder jerk reaction and go off the scene. Perhaps, I shall not be able to dodge the family  I created and that shall kindly tolerate me to stay there without job. The reality would bite me regularly I apprehend.

During the long family life, not a single day was passed without any talk of money needed to do this and that, which is unlikely to vanish during those days of superannuation. It would rather enhance in terms of demand and supply as the resource would be less than the limited. With the elasticity of demand to be created with new members in by wedding of sons and their new born babies, the supply may be shortened with shortage of liquid cash in my purse.    

Even if sons become good earning guys, it is unlikely they will be sharing everything under the single unit family. The morning shows the day. The talk has not lost its relevance. When I see the kids fight for an exchange of a trouser or T shirt use, its hard to rely they would be sharing food from one kitchen by sharing the cost as much as they can besides looking after their parents in dire needs. 




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