Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Superannuated - 9

"Love me or hate me, both are in my favour
If you love me, I'll always be in your heart
If you hate me, I'll always be in your mind"
                                                         William Shakespeare

It was a winter day I met her in the office union room. She was a journalist having her sharp nose with lovely eyes. A doctorate in archeology from the famous JNU Delhi pulled out to join the new profession by her good looking husband who managed to attach her with a national financial daily having editorial office in Calcutta also. She paid a visit during a holiday after fixing appointment confirming I shall be there in the union room with other comrades to hold a meeting. She demanded to have some private chat and I acceded to her request with condition to finish it up by five minutes as I had to hold the urgent meeting next. My colleagues very graciously vacated the room to honour her request to meet the General Secretary alone. I hinted them to order for tea and snacks for us and that was served promptly.
The lady with pedigree had her father who served a deputy Governor of Reserve Bank but was grossly unattached with the affair of trade and industry. But she had a mighty pen to script English on anything she would like to have. She submitted before me to teach the affair for her new professional reason. Otherwise, she would be losing affection of her husband and her economist father. Hence, the trouble started brewing in the tea cup.
She sharted meeting me during my off hours in restaurants for the purpose she submitted. I thought of doing an act of kindness to save her from a family break up. Her husband met me and acknowledged my effort in fulfilling his desires. But the lady one day sounded her dismay with what was going on under pressure. She lambasted each and everything. She even abused her father and husband for this, but of course during their absence.
It was another day we were sitting over the desk on the top floor in a restaurant on the bank of river Ganga. She suddenly and presumably out of frustration came closer to me and started kissing me like a mad. I was at a loss to understand what to do and what not.
I said, Well, thanks for the kiss. But let me know why you did this?
I have started loving you from the day I saw you first sitting in an executive chair of the union rook. I don't know why, she spoke restlessly at me.
You see I'm a man of black complexion unmatched to a beautiful woman like you, dear. And unmatched to your good looking husband also.
I don't care, she refuted. I love you, that's all. Are you married Mr Roy?
No, not yet. But this will be a cheating with your family who had faith in me to coach you in the professional subject I am largely associated with.
Its my problem, none of you either, she shouted. Continuing in her accusation, she said, you know Mr Roy that stupid even doesn't even know how to sextually satisfy his wife.
I replied, u meant I should fulfill your area of dissatisfaction from now onwards ? And am I supposed to attend your second personal purpose other than one of professional journalism ?
Yes, yes, very much. Please Mr Roy. Lets go to somewhere we could meet privately, she sounded like a hungry dog.
I failed to meet her lust and gave her adieu, pleading for a pre-scheduled urgent official meeting and managed to leave her for the day. In the hired Taxi, I drowned into deep thoughts why not should I sexually exploit her taking undue advantage based on her blatant offer. Since then, I recieved no phone calls from the lady. After interval of about one month, her poor husband knocked my door and explained many things unknown to me. He sincerely apologised if anything silly happened with me done by his wife. They had a mutual divorce and he ousted her from his residential flat few days ago for her proven physical relation with one of his neighbours what she admitted loudly. I had no desire further to ask her whereabout. The gentleman departed for never to come back again to me and that ended a love and hate story I watched during my office days.

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