Monday, April 20, 2009

Patriotism or Election?

Oh Almighty God! I never saw you. I dont know my prayer will at all reach you or not. I was born on a land where 1,82,000 thousand farmers committed suicide in the last couple of years for their inability to repay the debts of moneylenders in western and central India. The children of these deads have become orphans. The wives are now widows. Dozens of farmers in Nandigram in the east have been massacred by the state police and their hired goons for not agreeing to acquisition by a 'marxist' government. The killers have made it a barren land with stain of human blood spotted here and there, where farmer used to produce cash crops. The violent passion of the Bengal Marxists to set up chemical hubs by the notorious Shaleem group of Indonesia took lives of the innocent people. Here again orphans and widows shade tears. I cant forget my countrymen 70% of them are able to earn each only Rupees Twenty a day. I bow my head with shame that I live with millions of hungry Indians who live their short lives with pains and diseases. Kings and British already left this country 60 years ago. Still people in millions suffer on this 'Holy land'. Elected representatives of Parliament, Assembly houses are not really ashamed like me. Hunger or poverty is not a national issue but election is. Issue is who will rule this country with so many false promises. Now India votes once again.

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