Monday, June 1, 2009

Aila comes and destroys

In the last month, a newly named storm Aila made Bengal and adjoing area a havoc. People living in the coastal belt of Sunderban forest area became the worst sufferer. Hundreads of lives are lost. Salt water damaged the farm land, a million rendered homeless. Still dead bodies of human being and cattle lying unburied or uncreamated by the state government. Sons of soil have become refugee in their homeland. What a tragedy indeed!
While in the last holiday, I went to fetch some vegitables from the local market, a son in law of my friend who being a doctor teamed up with his many colleagues privately was purchasing commodities and medicines for the storm and flood affected people of Sunderban. What has touched me was a cooli, a carrier of those huge sacks, refused to take wages from the doctor and said, "I may be a poorest of the poor, and I am ready to starve for a day for those affected people. My wages is my contribution for them. May be we are hundreds of miles away from those people fighting for lives."
Coming back to my posh locality, I conveyed the message and asked some of my known folks for a collective action for raising money or medicines for the purpose for contributing through the organisors of Ramakrishna Ashrama who has been doing relief work there day and night. Those folks, on the contrary suggested to me, there is no problem why you yourself can not contribute to the relief fund. In doing so, there is no need for any collective venture. I felt disheartened listning them and remained unspeakable for some moments.

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