Monday, July 13, 2009

The Face of the Peoples Democracy

Man born and dies - a routine in human civilistion. Millions and billions are born and die remianed unknown. How many of them are memorable? Only a few hundreds or thousands! Why? He or she is recalled only for his/her contribution and great sacrifice for other. No one remembers him or her for they live for themselves only like wild animals. So why one should cry for the great masses of the people? Those people live as ungreatful, selfish,intoxicated and dishonest. No one should take burden for these lots. Let them suffer their own fate. This is one side of the story.

The other part is obviously disgusting! You can not despite entire disliking ignor these people. Each selfish carries a vote which can alter ones fate in the election for forming a government. So you have to say them hallo or pretend to be a wellwisher. You have to appease these lots in order to sustain in power. Thus fair motive of an elected representative goes suppressed and unfair desires dominate. The ultimte sufferer is the genuinely deserving and honest persons. This is the actual face of Indian democracy.

Now what do you want? will you discard it? Or will you show guts to change the system? But which way the change will come? The traditional way or some non traditional way? Here the debate lies. Everybody wants a change. Many of them do not know what should be the right way to acieve this. Some have taken shelter of guns to speak for change. The others also use violent methods but pretend to be non violent. No one gives any cognisance to peaceful non-violent methods of social change. So helpless the last lots in a civilised society.

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The Patriot said...

Simply a true exposer of the reality.