Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Claws of Imperialism

Aerial bombing is going on over Libya to eliminate Col. Gaddafi and his government under the pretext of protecting the people opposed to misrule of Libya. Its NATO has once again waged aerial attack and started destruction of the same Libyan people of Gaddafi's party. No one has invited them to kill the Libyans on one plea or other. No one has extended offer to policing a section of the Libyan people good or bad and kill them indiscriminately. Are the NATO authorised to do so by UN? The answer is simply NO. The same do hold good for Arab League. The people of America, UK, and France can not support the NATO venture to attack a sovereign country and a bonafide member of UN. The political unrest has been going on in many countries and the ruling governments have been overthrown by the indigenous people by constitutional or extra-constitutional ways. Yes, there has been extension of support to the struggling people from overseas in the form of money or weapons etc. but not armed invasion of other nations. Because social revolution can not be exported.

The Libyan invasion by US & its allied forces have broken all ethics, international laws. The invasion has reduced the relevance of UN which failed to resist the imperialism to invade other sovereign country like Libya and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. These oil reached nations are not the safe heavens of Taliban or Al-Qaeda. They are moderate Muslim nations but opposed to US imperialism and its stooges in order to oppose looting of petro-gold. So destroy them under one pretext or other. Libya is subjected to attack again and again. In spite of killing of the only daughter of the Libyan leader by the same aerial attack before couple of years, yesterday his son was killed. Shortly, the figure of the killed Libyans will reach one hundred marks. The fight for existence of the warring groups is going on in Libya.

The fact remains the civilised world rejects totalitarian rules of any form either of Communist, Islamist or of Corporate run democracies. Gaddafi enjoys absolute power in that country for ages and absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is no wrong in raising voice against fascism and oppressed people must have their right to fight it out till end of misrule. But that should not pave the way for invasion by the imperialist forces and undermine the peoples resistance movement. Let the people of Libya fight for their rights and dislodge the rulers through the democratic struggle and also protect their national assets like petroleum from the clutches of imperialism. Lets recall my piece of write up in this blog page that I wrote a year back with the title Obama The President.

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