Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Dolls House

Its very easy to talk love but very difficult to respect it for too long time. Every human being has its right to love its opposite gender-be it a mother or father, wife or husband, sister or brother and a girl or boy friend. In adolescence, sweet feeling of love comes and the mind becomes restless to touch it. In youth, it becomes passionate and provokes to commit mistake in order to rob the love. With the maturity, the passion gets normal and the mind desires rest with the person you love most. Thus the ordinary life goes and ends up without achieving anything memorable. You only achieved to leave behind some life or lives you gave birth to follow the same path you followed once.

In my search of an extra-ordinary among ordinaries, I found a little girl never bothered to talk or desired to get anything from anybody. Her eyes spoke a lot whenever she gazed at anything. If anyone offers her in anticipation of her desires, she would smile and politely reject the offer. I found her passion in playing with dolls. But not the dolls those were ready-made. She would make it with some left over items and soil. She never took rest until she implanted life into the dolls she created. She loved to talk to them hour after hour and felt angry if disturbed. I was also passionate in over-hearing her conversations and wanted to read her mind.

Good morning sweety! the doll-boy welcomed.

Very good morning, replied she.

Will you ever remember the person you love most if he cheats you?

The person deserved to love may desert me but can’t cheat.

So, you won’t forget him in your lone life and you desire his come back?

Yes and No.

Why? asked the confused doll-girl.

It’s the love made us united and it’s only the passion separated us forever, she looked tall to comment.

So, the true love has to be passionate for creating wonders for human civilization to pay back as human beings and not for only giving birth to unwanted lives, the doll boy meant to say.

She drowned to the deep sea with the falling of her eyes.

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