Thursday, March 10, 2011

J Factor

The spoiled does not rest until it spoils others. There was a pinworm rested in the rectum of D. It slept till it was weak and uncared. The carrier of the worm lived on the plateau where there was a little water contamination and the place was too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The environment didn’t help the worm to grow stronger. So, it slept unmoved keeping its greed suppressed.

D then trekked down to the plains and set up its hut at the outskirt of the city life under pressure. The sky, air, water were usually polluted there that was conducive to the growth of the worm. It started giving trouble in the rectum of D and started giving birth to more troublemakers that virtually made D a restless. In stead of eliminating the worm through the use of highdose medicines, D preferred to be intoxicated through wine in order to suppress the pain.

The troublemakers then came out of D and preferred to enter in new biological organs of others in the city. From the rectum the pinworm started to infect lunge and heart of the other human species. It now rests comfortably in all polluted substances in one form or other with devilish pleasure of inflicting sufferings to many. The pleasure it derives from the infected verses, stories, songs and images spread across the internet social sites. So, everybody should be careful of J-Factor in our city life.

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