Friday, March 4, 2011

The Sin Inherited

The amount of sin has been piled up in the corridor of power in Centre and States over the ages can not be cleared by one Monmohan Singh alone. Indian democracy runs on four wheels viz. parliament, administration, judiciary and free press. The legacy of favouritism and corruption inherited from Muslim and English rulers in India for thousand years can not be stopped by one court judgment or by a stroke of an order by any honest administrator despite his/her all pious desires.

Before passing any politically motivated comment against Dr. Singh, one should recall what a late Prime Minister Rajib Gandhi disowned a similar judgment passed by Supreme Court in Shah Banu case. Banu was the victim of Shariat law, but the Court rejected that law and offered justice to the victim by upholding the law of the land. But the then Congress with its brutal majority revoked the Shariat law and denied the rights of the Muslim women. Thus the Supreme Court judgment was thrown to the dustbin in order to appease the fanatic Muslims for winning votes.

Now one can observe the difference in administrative disposal by the current prime minister. Soon after the judgment passed by the Apex court, Dr. Singh immediately assured the countrymen to honour the judgment and asked the accused Thomas to resign from CVC. He never suggested filing a review petition to the court to be heard by a constitution bench. What does it indicate? Thomas was not his natural choice, but he was compelled to pass the appointment under pressure. Now he may find opportunity to set the house in order for the benefit of the country. Lets wait whether his high command will allow him to do so or will be asked to step down under pressure from the opposition parties and other vested interests.

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