Monday, January 7, 2013


My mason Shyamal a Hindu sent to my residence a Muslim youth to repair a damaged portion of my toilet. The young mason has visibly attracted to come closer to him and tempted me to know his life. He is a Madrassa educated man and is qualified to be a Moulavi to organise prayer in the mosque. He did so for years in Murshidabad district of West Bengal at a meager wage what was insufficient to meet his family commitment. They are 3 brothers and 2 sisters. He has taken responsibility of his younger brother right from the childhood to bear the expenses for his education. Now that little kid is studying graduation in geography. A son of daily wage labour he shared liability of his family. He shared the liability of marriage of his elder sister. He is married to a Muslim girl and being his husband Mustafa left no effort unattended to impart higher education to his wife who is also a college goer. Mustafa understood from his life, the Madrassa education to become a Mullah has no future except allowing Taliban fanatics to misuse his youth against Kafeer, the Hindus. His sense of contemporary politics is also sharp. While asked whether he tried to avail benefits of dole for namazies extended by Mamata Bannerjee government in Bengal, he politely refused to be obliged.He experienced how those few wealthy men enjoyed central government subsidy for Haz yatra in Mecca. He totally opposed to talibanisation of Islam and never supported attempts of islamisation of civic society. He always loved to live in a multicultural society. After the conversation, I commented. "A true Islamist is more welcome than a bad Hindu element in a Hindu dominated India'. He did not respond but indicated his highest faith in humanism. 


sekharroyindia said...

Mohit K Ray
8 Jan

This proves that you are a gullible Hindu and has little idea of Islam. I have no comments on that person but a Islamist is a threat to human civillisation. Ask him whether he will willingly also offer prayer to a Hindu God or not, whether he believes that many things in Koran and Hadith are wrong and need not be accepted, whether he will march for return of Taslima Nasrin, whether he accepts all religion is equal and the call ' there is only Allah and none else" is wrong or not. He is employed by you so it is expected he would talk sweet. Similarly a orthodox Hindu today can be a good person in behaviour but his view is against humanity. Do not judge so quickly.

sekharroyindia said...

I heard from Peace TV Dr Jakir Nayek that Koran advocated for peaceful coexistence with other religions and destroying temple,church etc is considered a sin. He referred hadith where Muslim women are allowed to entire mosque and offer namaz but separately.Islam does not permit killing of other human being on any ground as per Koran also.