Friday, January 18, 2013

J Speaks A Lot - A Short Story

Life responds from a lifeless object if one passionately loves it. J is my car. It has been responding to all my needs whenever called for. Its an unity of the opposites - a man with full of life and a car that has no flesh, bones or blood. I groomed with it that imparted me lessons to drive in any unfavourable condition. Its strength of tolerance is limitless. Many a time I gave it pains by dashing or crashing with other objects, discoloured it and broken its body parts. Sometime I was able to get those repaired or sometime not for no money in my purse. Yet it glitters for my personal care by washing it most of the days including in dull winter. The passerby would still look eagerly on to it and would regret the cute berry red coloured car moves with damages over its body clearly visible for regular wash.  

Some would kind enough to suggest, " Mr Roy, please be careful while driving it". That meant the driver was looked as a villain and the car a hero. Its my elation to feel my J is loved by others.  

A police officer managing traffic on road who is also a friend of mine started behaving with a difference and would love to tender free advice, "Roy, it would be a great pleasure if I could take you with your car to my locality during Rash Utshab* ". 

I replied, "Yes, of course, I'll be there next''.  

The most fun I enjoy while I fail to stop at a good looking girl waiting on a road side for a lift. The unknown lady would desist herself to watch my wife sat on the back sit. Suddenly, J would raise its speed without pushing the accelerator too much in total disarray to the driver. May be the naughty landau felt happy and tried to appease her mother. My face crumbled pale.  

My lovely J while carrying two donkeys on a day with me, the duo discarded for getting it too old and would suggest fetching a new version for more comfort. Listening the uttered rejection, my J would growl like a wild beast and would jerk those donkeys to alert that it still remained a strong car amid newer versions. While stopped at a place, its silence raised a question at me with its ever open eyes, "will you sell out your own son to get more comfort?"                    

*a religious ceremony performs also by ISCON in Nadia district of West Bengal.

                                                                                                                                              16 January 2013


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