Monday, July 29, 2013

The Panchayet - A Feeler

For many years I haven't heard of chorus of frogs and many insects in the adjacent wood of my home after incessant rain today evening. After many years it has been raining cats and dogs. The ways are flooded with nearby water bodies. Tonight after 10-00 pm I came out of the home with my son's bicycle to closely watch how the surrounding looked like. The streets lights looked dim  and the lanes and ways were shining with the last leg of the heavy downpour.

The doors are closed with people inside might have taken refuge of semi cold atmosphere surrounding barring a few activists gossiping and cherishing victory of their respective party candidates in local body election a few days ago in Bengal. Two third of the state of Bengal is now a ruling party bastion. Yet there was no victory rally any where. A new political culture is on the surface in a politically ravaged Bengal. The dry politics of so called communists is largely and once again rejected by huge vote by the Bengalies. Yet the past rulers haven't learnt lesson. 

The point is the hope emerged with resounding victory of the new ruling class may not last long if there is no transparency in the affairs of governance. There is no dearth of positive desires from the ruling supremo to make the government function from top to bottom. To the uttered views of the common middle class that point at a socio-political order created minus the critics is not at all healthy. The irrational outburst and abuse of state power against the critics may be backfired in the days to come. The onlookers patiently wait for a mature exposure from their party functionaries towards establishing a healthy democracy to extend a more relief to the poorest of the poor.  

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