Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Love Regained

Sumanto the man in fifties has grown old. Unlike those days when Meghna accompanied him, he gained his sense of spiritualism. One day the God Vishnu summoned him urgently to set his new life to regain his lost love. 

Do you have any regret for whatever you lost in life?
Yes, Almighty.
What you thought of doing if you never regain those ?
I'll carry the wounds till my death.
Means, you wanted not to be happy in rest of your life?
No, not exactly.
Then you try to find happiness from the objects you never turned at. 
Whats that?
The mental asylum where Meghna confined. 
Oh! My God! Excuse me please, let me go there at once.

Sumanto knocked the main gate of the God's Own Home far away from the city of Calcutta.

Gate man, please let be in to meet my love Meghna.
Yes Sir, please check the register first and then go in.

The name was there what exactly Sumanto desired passionately. He heard of a noise inside where a patient was laughing loud and crying subsequently. The voice was almost similar to that of the 'sweetheart' he was looking after. Sumanto was taken office inside by the guard. The gray haired matron asked, 'Yes my son, we never found you here. Do you know Meghna? Sumanto told Ma'am the story inside of his heart he carried so far. Tears brought out of her old eyes and put her hands over shoulder of Sumanto, God bless you, my son. Wait here to see how she was.

Sumanto started waiting on a corner chair of the visiting room. He never imagined to face the situation in his life time. He was so perturbed that he lost his balance while talking to the matron and didn't thought of asking who brought her here and why? The mild sound of  his weeping brought two nurses closer those who consoled him and requested him not to break down before the patient. He realised and sat quietly.

To continue.........   

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