Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Love Regained 2

Sumanto..................Sumanto................... Look this is your Meghna, this is your love. Do you recognize me Sumanto?

Sumanto looked Meghna for a long and unable to recognize her as the same person changed abruptly.

I know Sumanto you will not. Look here and see the spots of love all over my body. They branded me a mad and deserted me here and never came back.

Sumanto came closer to Meghna and touched those spots of tortures and cried, 'no no no, they are wild beasts. Do not worry Meghna, I'll take you back to your family. I'll convince them'.

No, never, cried Meghna. Its better you desert and do not show your face to me anymore. You the men are same. You don't understand the pain of a woman. You go, you go Sumanto. Meghna was about to turn back.

No my love, you are still in my heart. Please don't misunderstand. You need to file a complaint at a police station and file a court case for a legal divorce. I'll fight your case. I'll take you to my home where you always wanted to go, but I hesitated then. You wanted to meet my father and talked to him over phone one day. Do you recall Meghna?

Yes, everything. How they are? Will they accept me?

Yes, of course! You need an urgent medical care to get cured from the trauma you so long suffered. You need peace and you need rest Meghna. I've told my family everything about you and they are sympathetic to take care of you. My father still can't forget the sweet conversation with you he had over phone. He is eager to see to you my dear. Please don't waste time. Lets go back to our destiny.

Two years passed with a rocket speed. Meghna was a complete changed person. She won her case against her former family those are awarded with full rest in jail by the grace of the God. She became the inseparable part of the Mukherjee family. The son of Sumanto liked her most and addressed 'my good mom'. The wife of Sumanto found her as sister she lost in childhood. The head of the Mukherjee family departed permanently leaving memories of the wonderful moments with Meghna. Meghna everyday stood in front of the photograph of the father to pray for his soul to rest in peace. Still Sumanto never tried to exploit her to demand for a physical relation with Meghna. So, nice gentleman he was ! 

Sumanto had to leave his sweet family for an unsolicited transfer ordered by his office. He never bowed down to anybody and accepted the challenge of the life. He settled in Ahmadabad as a paying guest of his friend. He after a fortnight received a phone call from Meghna who started weeping.

Why the God was so cruel to me? Why He will not allow me to live with you? Will He not even permit me to die in front of you when he never allowed me to come closure to you Sumanto? 

Sumanto replied nothing except waiting for her to finish her cry. 

A week later, Sumanto received an urgent call from his wife to come back home for Meghna who was lying semi conscious and unable to recognize anybody in home. Sumanto air dashed to Calcutta and took Meghna immediately to Neurological Care Center.  Listening the case history of the patient, the doctor advised her to admit. Meghna suffered a shock and a psychological disorder.  A week later, she was released from the Care Center with the advise to Sumanto to stay together with Meghna and follow all medical advice. 

The Mukherjee family was in trouble to settle the issue. The overstay in Calcutta has created a professional problem for Sumanto.  The wife and son being two good human beings came forward in rescue and requested Sumanto to take Meghna with him to Ahmadabad to save her life. Sumanto was needed to Meghna more than the prescribed medicines.  Equally, Meghna was needed to Sumanto what he was unable in order to upholding the family values. 

Meghna is now in Ahmadabad and married to Mukherjee family and she was blessed with a beautiful child fathered by Sumanto. The elder son of Sumanto named his brother 'Abhiroop' who was taken care by his elder mother ('Baro Ma') at their Calcutta home. Meghna found a respectable job of professor of English at a state educational College run by a trust in Ahmadabad  She was determined to see her elder son who was studying in a state medical college in Calcutta to become a doctor.  The love regained and Sumanto bowed down to God for His act of kindness over Mukherjee family. 


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