Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Courageous Judiciary

For the first time in the history of Bengal sub-continent, a higher judiciary of a country named Bangladesh has shown its guts to ban a dreaded religious cum political outfit called jamat e islami. Thus the religion is separated from politics. This has proved again what Bengal and Bengalies think today the rest thinks tomorrow. Now Bangladesh being a Muslim dominated sovereign nation has shown the way to the rest of the world. Will the politicians learn lesson? This was the victory of democracy, secularism and human rights. No one can forget the misdeeds of Pakistan backed the Islamist fanatics carried out in Indian sub-continent. The Rajakars of East Pakistan has turned jamat e islami of Bangladesh. Its a set back for Talibans. Now they are unable to show faces openly to the civic society; they have to be violent like Kashmiri insurgents. Its a defeat for Pakistani ISI and their Akas.   

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