Friday, January 8, 2016

A talk on a superannuated life may not draw much readership, yet the talk should go on to unfold new mission of this phase of the life. The people who fought like anything to look after their family found hardly any time to look beyond earning money and meeting needs of their loved ones at home, it is unlikely they would find interests in spending time in cultural practices like average individuals visible here and there. Interestingly, these averages or the ordinaries are unfortunately the majority in work shops and offices who unless forced upon never liked to lay interest in trade union movement or take part in political activities. 

In sharp contrast to present day Bengal, in our time i.e. during 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, the white colour jobs produced many world class intellectuals having made their pen mightier than the sword. The communist progressive ideology inspired those intellectuals to contribute new thoughts in building a new human society free from exploitation from capitalist exploitation, free from religious vandalism and superstition and hatred among the human race. The faith was for building a new world order comfortable to all human race other than those few stooges of crony capitalism and imperialism. 

A bunch of young intellectuals was born to follow the path left by their predecessors. The readers started to hear stories and poetries in different form and content, the painters drew colours on canvas on a different stroke. The singers were able to change the taste of the songs and brought down the listeners from the unreal heaven of love to the loveless ones suppressed under existing repressive system of the society. In finer words, the golden period of Bengal had inspired and created a generation who learned to look beyond their petty personal interests of life. A new set of values came in our way to cherish. But those days are gone without bringing in any qualitative changes in thoughts process of the present generation. Yet a talk of post-modernism is displayed on the world of intellectualism. 


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