Thursday, January 14, 2016


Yesterday Patridge Publication, a Penguin company wing rang up to me to hear an English man  to agree for my book publication. I heard it without any commitment. I am now in the mid of my autobiography that is likely to be scripted in a form of a novel. I don't know how far I will be able to pluck the scented flower from the garden. Let me now turn back to what I left during the golden moment of my life as I would love to call it through.

The organisation that not only blessed me with resource to look after my family but has gifted me with a dependable partner, my wife. I have been blessed with two male kids keeping a difference of eight years between the two. They are grown guys but have not yet found their own place to sustain in a tough competitive world despite acquiring academic qualifications. Yet they have their own stories to tell and I may be a dependable listeners of their stories during my jobless days at home.
I met her in the office as a colleague and soon became a good friend of her. The friendship later turned to a family of our own. The day she put her steps into our home, I trusted her with everything to look after well being of our family where I shall have no say. Even the money I signed to draw per month but received by her I was not aware of besides looking at the quantum of pocket money in the purse on a daily basis. The rest was her duty to do all and she did it to the best of her ability to manage in length and breath of the family needs. I felt a great amount of relief to build my knowledge base and its exposure here and there in the print media. In the race of the life, everyone in the family almost forgotten the day of my superannuation was nearing.
The better half is expected not to feel better while she would be entering the office, stay there and leave regularly without her trusted companion who will be away from her because of the retirement of her spouse. Yet the life has to go on one way or other as the earth goes on moving round and round. My lady was undoubtedly a moneyed person, but she never ever moved an inch in life without consulting me. Such a trust, such a dependence one has hardly found elsewhere. Hence, the days at home for a long hours without her during those days of superannuation would made me feel uncomfortable too as she would be unavailable for her daily office duty. Attending all my needs without waiting for a call from me will not be visible during her absence at home and I shall be missing her in various ways. Hence the half of my heart will be at the home and the rest be with her wherever she moves out of her own home.                                
The love I gained and lost during my tenure of service may haunt me the most during those superannuated days. In a moving train, passengers get up and get down to each rail station only to reach the destination. In the movement, one gets touches of many but do we recall and feel for all those touches? No. But few touches, yes, they come to our memory. The touches were able to touch my heart what I honestly admit and shall never deny those beautiful moments of life. The faces came in front of me and admired me and loved me much are unforgettable.
A bright and energetic black young guy was able to enjoy affection of a man called Pinaki babu, a die hard communist used to attend the office from Asanshole. He found his youth in me. He would put forward my case always ahead of others in our association. Pinaki da left the job and left the world prematurely. But the love and faith he had for me cant be erased from the mind. Another Subhas da (Roychowdhury), a pro-Indira Gandhi communist too liked me than many others in the office. The lesson for simplicity in the life style from Subhas da is to be recalled. He is also no more, but the way he loved to behave politely with his fellow colleagues simply can not be forgotten.
Among many seniors I found a man of extra ordinary quality was Durgapada (Agarwala), the guy was a Marwari but became a Bengali over the years. He found his lieutenant in me and bestowed upon huge task in the trade union movement in our all India office organisation. I was able to fulfill his desire to come true while I was able to take the art of TU leadership following his path. But Durgababu unfortunately lost his mental balance during his retired life. So other friends and guides I found in Sushil da (Mukherjee) and Bankim da (Gangully). They too left us many a year ago. Thus the list to recall would be too long to reproduce here. But none is left out of my heart.

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