Thursday, January 28, 2016

Its only seven more months are left for me to see the last day of my service to my organization that extended me with bread and butter for so many years. But I am not feeling happy right now as my organization rolls in tears as half of my colleagues are forcibly transferred to thousand miles far from their place of posting in the city of Kolkata. They are unnecessary blamed as incompetent and irrelevant to their present place of posting, hence transferred to other offices what could not be understood to how those persons could deliver result being so incompetent. Answer lies in the corridors of Delhi babus wielding whips at the behest of some political touts. Let my colleagues breath with pain. No matter. Let their vested interests be fulfilled. Let colleagues' families cry for fear of immense sufferings either to settle in an unknown environment or live as unwanted there. The bureaucrats are there to serve as a set of faithful spoons and nothing else. This is Indian culture, I am afraid.

My wife felt embarrassed to find my lead role even at this stage of service life as why I raised my strong objection to the above misdeeds when my contemporaries safe sided themselves, but I could not resist myself to come forward in support of my younger colleagues in the office today. I tried to pacified her that I was ready to face any eventuality to uphold the truth. I am ready to face anything that comes in my way even at the cost of life. I shall not allow few renegades to dominate those innocent but faithful people committed to their organization of which I am a part also. So, this is a part of ones life and one has to accept the reality without any hesitation.

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